Level 1 | Program 3: Upper Body Circuit 1


Download Program 3 Circuit 1 here.


Do The One Exercise Directly after the Next one. Do 20 – 30 Reps Per Exercise with a dumbbell weight just to be able to complete the number of reps from set one. You can always do a less heavier weight – so start as heavy – Females 3 – 5kg Males 8 – 10kg. Once you have Completed the Circuit You have to do 2 minutes Cardio (Skip/ Step Walk/ Run/ Elliptical). Repeat the Same Circuit Again 3 – 4 times Before moving on to CIRCUIT 2 if you are UP for it. You Only have to Train 30 – 60 minutes. If you feel you had enough on 30 minutes, you can stop. You just have to burn the minimum amount of Calories per session at least (VIEW HEART RATE – CALORIE CHART).

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