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Personalised Exercise Programs to Suit your Current Level of Strength & Fitness on Programs designed to work with the Equipment you Have.

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Gymfood Online Training

Personalised Exercise Programs to Suit your Current Level of Strength & Fitness on Programs designed to work with the Equipment you Have.

Start on Level 1 and Progress to Level 10 in 10 months.

Each Level has 10 Exercise Days’ Videos. You will Repeat once per month before moving on to the Next Level. For Best Results on all Personal Training Programs it is recommended to Follow a Personalised Eating Plan (R150).

What does it cost?

Buy a Level at a time at R300. Trainer-Monitor Plan in Place.

Start your Personal Training Program today.

10-Day Workout Challenge

View all Great Results and Comments on GymFood Results Page and GymFood Personal Training Studio.

What does it cost?

Buy a Challenge at R600 each. Includes 20 video Programs + Personalised Eating plan on a Sunday to Start on a Monday.

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10-Day Workout Challenge

JOIN YOUR 10-DAY Challenge for R600.

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Personal Training Program

Purchase the complete Level 1 and get instant access to All Program Videos.

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Meet your Trainer

Sune Olivier

SUNE OLIVIER holds a Degree in Human Movement Science + Sports Therapy + Nutrition. She boasts 16 Years Experience as a professional Personal Trainer. She is the owner and developer of GymFood.